A Plug-in for the
Ultimate Skin Quality

For Better Skin Texture




Independently developed technology preserving original Skin Textures when retouching.

Nowadays, 4K images can be easily shot on iPhones and single lens reflex cameras.

Skinworks preserves the original quality of skin texture even in a 4K or 8K quality video when retouching the skin.

*4K or 8K may not be supported depending on the system configuration of your machine.  Please confirm through the trial version.

"Concealer" to remove acne and moles.

"Foundation" to smoothen the skin.

Skinworks currently offers two types of plug-ins; the "Concealer" and the "Foundation."

Remove acne and moles with the "Concealer," and the eliminate skin spots and unevenness of colour with the "Foundation" to portray smoother skin.

The contours of the subject's eyes, nose, and mouth are preserved through Skinworks' proprietary edge detection function.

Simple and Easy Controls

Skinworks emphasizes its simple and easy controls to be able to retouch with ease.


A simple 2 to 3 steps is enough to retouch the skin. Just adjust the parameters and producing masks for the parts you would like to apply the effects, done.


For more information, please watch our Tutorial Video.





Inter BEE 2019

digital bigmo will be officially presenting「Skinworks」at this year's Inter Bee 2019 from the 13th~15th at both Flashback Japan and VGI's booth, so for those who are planning to attend this event, please stop by and say hello!


Inter BEE 2016

Distributed leaflets and information on [Skin Work] at [FLASHBACK]`s booth at Inter BEE 2016. We thank those of you who were interested and took our leaflets. We humbly ask of your continued support for Digital Bigmo in the future.


Released and now selling "Skin Work" on Flashback Japan Website

AfterEffects skin repair plugin "Skin Work" has been sold by Flashback Japan.



[PRONEWS] has once again, picked up and featured our [Skinworks]. It features our take on the latest beauty works and de-aging VFX being produced in Hollywood! 


Please take a look and enjoy!


Feature: 『Video Communications』 UNI PRESS SERVICE Ltd.

『Video Communications』has featured our [Skin Work].
The feature includes how [Skin Work] was created,

and many more trivias and detailed facts about the development, so please take a look.


Feature: [PRONEWS] PRONEWS Co., Ltd

[PRONEWS] has picked up and featured our [Skin Work]. Please take a moment to read it as our future development schedule etc. are also shared. There are also special gifting plannings etc. as well.



Today, Kazuyoshi will appear on the idol GEEKERS` live youtube channel to demonstrate [Skin Work] from 9:00 PM. Please check it!




“I think that 'Skin Work' will become a new standard of beauty retouching.”

—  VFX Supervisor, Shunsuke Kakuuchi





About us


Kazuyoshi Yamagiwa

From Tokyo. Graduated from Tokai University Faculty of Engineering in 2003. 

After accumulating his career as a Flame artist at Digital Egg, he joined Lola Visual Effects in Los Angeles in 2009. Since then has worked on projects like; "Captain America / The First Avenger", "Life of Pie", Hugo", "Social Network", "Cloud Atlas", "The Walker", and many more. After returning to Japan in 2013, became a freelancer after working at foton inc. and has participated in NHK 's production of "Life`s Great Leap Forward" and "Protector of the Spirit". Later returning to the United States in April 2016, Kazuyoshi has returned to Lola Visual Effects where he has recently participated in works such as "It", "Avengers: Endgame", "Captain Marvel", "The Greatest Showman", "The Post", "Bright", "Guardians of the Galaxy: VOL II" and many more. In 2019, he has founded digitalbigmo inc. in Japan.



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